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as we look to stay in doors and make the most of days at home, our lovely marketing assistant laura, takes us through the moochi website step by step 




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moochi online  


our online store is updated weekly and carefully curated, to help you find the perfect pieces to wear on rotation. Ill show you how to make the most of our edits, sizing features and detailed product descriptions. the moochi team is here to help you find pieces you will love for years to come  





jump online  

Pop onto our website at This should either direct you the our new zealand store or you can choose between australia, us or international. on our international site we can ship to over 40 countries. You can easily change your country from the navigation menu at the top right hand side of the site.  



make sure you're subscribed to our weekly emails, so you don't miss out on any new deliveries or moochi community content. our weekly emails provide an insider look at our our latest arrivals and get up close and personal with the delightful details each garment has to offer  


shop by edit  

my favourite way to shop online at moochi, is by edit, you can find these in the clothing drop down menu. i am currently loving the autumn/winter edit which is a collection products from our dreamy palette one deliveries  






view the details  

I've had my eye on the off white glow pants for a while- so i'm going to check them out. when i click on the product, i am able to view the details and see all of the on model imagery up close. Moochi styles each garment to show a more elevated style and an everyday look, this really helps me understand how I could introduce the garment into my own wardrobe and style it with existing pieces to get the most wear  


designers notes  

Once I'm on my chosen product’s page, I am introduced to the designer's notes that explain the garment's key features and styling tips. If you keep scrolling the page a little further you can see the recommended wash and care instructions, the fit- whether it be slim, oversized or true to size and the composition of the garment  


find my fit  

To find my size in the glow pant i can open up the size chart from the drop down menus listed below the designers notes. With a rough idea of my measurements and the designer's comments that the glow pants are true to size and a standard fit, i can easily determine my size.  

The next drop down allows me to check the availability in store. if my closest moochi store has them I can pop in to try them on and purchase with the girls in store  


then i simply select my size and add to cart  



STEP three  


get in touch  

With any further questions i have i can use the online chat function during opening hours, found by clicking the support bubble at the bottom right of my screen. Im curious to know if the glow pant will be coming in any other colours, so I flick the support function a quick message. Success! The girls have informed me that the glow pants are arriving in black within a few weeks, ill pop my name on the in store customer waiting list and patiently wait for a call  

if you want to chat with your favourite store directly you can find their contact details, here  






be mine!  

Once i am happy with the gorgeous products i have in my cart, i can simply select check out from the top right navigation to begin moochi’s one step check out process  


one step check out  

The payment process is completely seamless whether you want to pay by card or use a payment plan through laybuy. First off, fill in your shipping details as normal, I then have the option to pay by visa or laybuy. Today, im going to pay using Laybuy so all I need to do is click the button beside the laybuy logo, apply my balance of moochi money from my loyalty account and click complete! This takes me directly through to the laybuy website where I can log into my account and pay my first of 6 weekly payments  





STEP five  


from us to you  

the lovely in store team that has my glow pants will receive my order straight away! They will locate my purchase and check everything thoroughly to ensure a perfect condition ready for me to receive. carefully folded and wrapped in our signature moochi kiss kiss tissue and online box - the girls package up my goodies along with a returns form in case i need to return for an exchange, credit note or refund. now it's Au revoir, and on its way to my door step!